Autistic Self Advocacy Network

ASAN AU/NZ – The Autistic Self Advocacy Network of Australia and New Zealand – is affiliated with ASAN

ASAN AU/NZ is run by Australian and New Zealander Autistic adults who have been involved self- advocacy for a number of years and invites membership from Autistic and Asperger youth and adults who wish to receive support to engage in self-advocacy.

ASAN AU/NZ understands the following:
Autistic citizens are capable of contributing to society and enriching the lives of their families and communities.

While society provides supports and accommodations for many of its citizens, there is little understanding of the specific needs of Autistic children and adults.

Autistic adults are entitled to involvement in the planning of services to be used by themselves and their peers. Inclusive and equitable services can only be developed when stakeholders contribute positively towards promoting their own wellbeing and connectedness to society.

Autistic adults want recognition of the fact that autism is a life long condition that impacts both positively and negatively upon a person’s ability to function in society.

Autistic adults recognise that a proactive stance means that thousands of children and young people will inherit a more effective system and a more understanding community and that our strengths talents and efforts will be recognised alongside those of our peers.

Autistic adults may need support in the following areas:
Communication, Cultural Identity, Accommodation, Crisis Management, Healthcare, Education, Criminal Justice, Advocacy, Employment, Socialisation and moving successfully through developmental stages.

Autistic Adults live in the community and enhance the lives of others through their roles as sons and daughters, siblings, partners, parents, workers, artists, activists, scientists, teachers and quite simply as fellow human beings.


The Objects of Our Association:

(i) To be the peak body for Autistic Self Advocacy in Australia and New Zealand.
(ii) To promote self advocacy at both personal and systemic levels,
including Autistic participation in policy making and engaging in
public education.
(iii) To assist in the organisation of advocacy groups and to assist
existing groups to support Autistic Self Advocacy
(iv) To carry out research into issues affecting Autistic
individuals and to co-operate with other recognised groups to
achieve more effective solutions to these problems.
(v) To promote and support the education and training of self
advocates by and for Autistic individuals.
(vi) To establish and expend funds both for the general conduct of
the Association and to enable the Association to carry out its aims and
(vii) To publish education materials which promote self advocacy for
Autistic individuals.
(viii) the accepting of any gift for any one or more of the objects or purposes of the Association;
(ix) the borrowing and raising of money in a manner deemed fit by the committee to further the purposes of the Association.
(x) subject to the provisions of the Trustee Act 1898, the investment of any moneys of the Association not immediately required for any of its objects or purposes in any manner the committee determines;
(xii) the making of gifts, subscriptions or donations to any of the funds, authorities or institutions to which section 78(1)(a) of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 of the Commonwealth relates
(xiii) The Association shall be non-sectarian and non-party political
(xiv) the doing of any lawful thing incidental or conducive to the attainment of the basic objects of the Association or of any of the objects and purposes specified in this rule.