Dear ASAN AUNZ Member or Supporter,

Thank you for your patience and support in our first year as a registered organisation. We are a small committee of dedicated volunteers who all live busy and complex lives like many of you do. It may have seemed we were missing in action at times but there was lots of behind the scenes work being done. We are proud to have established the formal side of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network of Australia and New Zealand and look forward to growing in 2014. A highlight of this year was meeting Ari Ne’eman founder of our US based affiliate and we have some ideas we are working on that will come to fruition in the near future – including contributing an Oceanic perspective to the Autistic run media in the USA. Another highlight was being invited to contribute to a forum discussing the future of Disabled People’s Organisations in Australia and we look forward to a new model of representation being launched in 2014.

This year our systemic advocacy has been focussed on:
Equal access to the law
Prevention of abuse
Access to disability reforms for Autistic adults

As part of our growth we would like to find out what you as members are interested in. We would be grateful if you could take our short survey which can be found here:

We are working on refreshing our website and would welcome contributions. Our volunteer intern Joel will be happy to take your input and suggestions. Joel can be reached via email:

We wish you all the best for the beginnings of 2014.

Our next Update will include the notification for our AGM.

All the best from the ASAN AUNZ Committee