Australian Autism CRC Annual Report Released

Help or Harm: Nothing about us without us – Addressing the Autism Research Agenda

We welcome the release of the first Annual Report of the Australian Autism CRC as we see it as an opportunity to address some of our ongoing concerns and to shape the future of research into the lives of Autistic people in Australia.

Many initiatives aimed at improving the lives of Autistic people have been funded by the CRC and we are pleased to see such initiatives. Fundamentally though there are still rights based issues that must be addressed by the CRC with Autistic Self-Advocates nationwide.

The Autism CRC’s Mission is: To transform the lives of people living with autism across their lifespan through end-user driven research.

In light of this we have to ask several important questions:

1. If the end user is ultimately Autistic people where is our representation on the Board of Directors of the CRC?

2. In keeping with world autism research trends toward genetics and causation, the largest single grant $537,073 was awarded to Project 1.003RC Genetic screening of ASD (Phase 1), how can this be claimed to be end-user driven when it may not be compatible with the right to life of the end-user?

3. One of the fastest growing communities of Autistic people is young adults, why then did the CRC spend the least money on projects associated with adult outcomes?

As end users Autistic adults are waiting for a more inclusive approach to research from the CRC – Nothing About Us Without Us

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