With the 2015-16 Australian Federal Budget being released today (12th of May 2015), here is a quick recap of last year’s budget, with a focus on education, welfare, health and education.

Proposed Changes to DSP

“Some DSP recipients aged under 35 who were previously granted DSP between 2008 and 2011 will now be assessed under the current DSP Impairment Tables. People with a severe or manifest disability will not be reassessed.”¬†

“…Recipients under 35 will have a participation plan which includes activities that will genuinely assist in labour market participation. These activities could include Work for the Dole, job search, work experience, education and training, and connection with Disability Employment Services.”

“The Government is tightening DSP portability requirements, but DSP recipients will still be able to leave Australia for up to four weeks in a 12 month period and be paid DSP while overseas.”

Source 2014-15 Australian Federal Budget

ABC ‘Ramp Up’ Article¬†

El Gibbs wrote an article for ABC’s “Ramp Up’ shortly after the release of the 2014-15 budget.



Source – Disability In Budget 2014