From Children With Disabilities Australia

Tuesday 12 May 2015

Budget fails students with disability.

The 2015 Budget has failed to provide certainty for students with disability in Australia.

In 2014 an interim loading for students with disability was implemented. The interim loading was rolled over in 2015 and only maintains existing levels of provision. The 2015 budget does not deliver any increase in funding for students with disability, so students ariound the country will continue to miss out in 2016. The impacts for young people denied access to a quality education are life-long.

Stephanie Gotlib, CEO of Children with Disability Australia (CDA) said: “Without an increase in the disability loading from the Commonwealth Government, schools around the country cannot provide adequate support for all students with disability and the many who are missing out now will continue to miss out.”

A clear commitment was made by the Abbott Government prior to the 2013 election to increase funding for students with disability as part of the National Education Reform.

Ms Gotlib said: “A typical school experience for students with disability involves limited choice of school, discrimination, bullying, limited or no funding for support and resources, inadequately trained staff and contending with a culture of low expectations,”

“These failings have become entrenched in the education system and the urgency of delivering system wide solutions is now acute. It is crucial that we have adequate Commonwealth funding to implement the necessary reform so that Australia can provide opportunities for all students.”

Media Contact: Sara Irvine

Interview Contact: Stephanie Gotlib, CEO of Children with Disability Australia

Children with Disability Australia (CDA) is the national peak organisation representing children and young people with disability.