13th May 2015

 1.3 Billion Dollars To Assist Disabled Students in the Classroom; But Where Will The Money Go?

ASAN AUNZ believes that the Australian government’s investment in Students With Disability in the 2015-16 Budget is promising. The question now is, how will schools invest in their students?

Will this unprecedented boost be used to help Disabled students integrate with their peers, or will it be used to seclude disabled students in the classroom? Will the money be used to fund services, programmes, innovation and teaching practices endorsed by Disabled people, or will it fund potentially problematic programmes and services that Disabled people denounce? Will schools and local governments consult Disabled people in regards to services or programmes? If so, is that representation tokenistic, or is it broad, representative and independent?

While ASAN AUNZ applauds this unparalleled investment for Disabled students by the federal government, for those dollars and cents to add up, we must be asking these hard questions.

With furthering allegations of widespread abuse of Disabled children in Australian schools; from the alleged use of pressure points in a Bendigo school, to the alleged use of a cage in a Canberra school, how are we sure that this money will be used responsibly? Will this investment, made in good faith by the Australian government see an end to this alleged abuse, or will it help fund more chicken wire?


ASAN AUNZ is the peak self-advocacy body run by Autistic people for Autistic people.  We are committed upholding the dignity and rights of Autistic citizens through systemic advocacy and action.



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