The Autistic Self-Advocacy Network of Australia and New Zealand Condemns all Abuse of Disabled Children In Australian Schools

ASAN AUNZ therefore endorses an inquiry into the abuse of disabled children in Australian schools in light of continuing evidence of widespread abuse. 

On the 8th of May 2015, SBS2 news and current affairs programme ‘The Feed’ featured a report into the alleged abuse of disabled children in Australian schools. These abusive practises include, but are not limited to the use of pressure points, children being tied to chairs, and children locked in dark rooms. This report by The Feed comes only a month after news that a ten-year-old Autistic child from Canberra was allegedly caged in the classroom.

ASAN AUNZ condemns these practises; they are unnecessary, inhumane, and a symptom of extreme disrespect for the basic human rights of Disabled People. The abuse described can be permanently damaging for the victims both physically and mentally. As such these allegations of abuse in Australian schools should not be taken lightly. For this reason ASAN AUNZ endorses an inquiry into this issue, and encourages survivors of abuse and their parents or allies to speak up about this abuse.



ASAN AUNZ is the peak self-advocacy body run by Autistic people for Autistic people.  We are committed upholding the dignity and rights of Autistic citizens through systemic advocacy and action.




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