Tyrone and maria

Ten year old Autistic Boy Tyrone Sevilla will be able to live in Australia with his mother Maria. This is fantastic news, as no one should face deportation due to their Autism diagnosis, or another disability. While this is a time for the Autism Community to  rejoice, we must me skeptical of the systems in place that put this child and his mother under threat of deportation, and we must criticise the attitudes in our society that led to such systems and such actions.

This is not a time to applaud Peter Dutton and Australian Immigration for not doing something what they should never have suggested doing.

Autistic individuals, Disabled individuals, can contribute immensely to our society. To have ever called Tyrone Sevilla a potential ‘burden’ on our society in the first place is an injustice, that should never be repeated.

This is a time for celebration, but more than ever it is a time for unity, and a time to ensure that no Autistic or disabled person ever goes through this same situation again. Its a time to pledge that if, unfortunately this happens again, to retaliate against it harder than we have.

ASAN AUNZ wishes all the best to Tyrone and Maria Sevilla.  We applaud Autistic and Non-Autistic individuals, such as Tyrone’s friend Ethan Egart, for their support of Tyrone and Autistic people as a whole. 

Article on this issue by The Sydney Morning Herald