Today Minister Fifield announced another $278,000 for autism early intervention research.

ASAN AUNZ believes we need to stop talking about early intervention and need to start talking about the lifespan. The CRC is funded for research across the lifespan but we continuously see that the majority of funding is going into early intervention and causation research. Every time we see an announcement regarding early intervention we need to stop and think about the rest of the lifespan. Children are only children for a small part of their lives and will live the majority of their lives as Autistic adults. The Government in supporting the CRC needs to see the value in supporting real outcomes for Autistic adults living in Australian society today. We call on the government to fund equally, projects that consider lifespan issues for Autistic people. This also requires the CRC to advocate more strongly for projects addressing the lifespan and to more fully understand the needs of Autistic adults. This hidden population is out there. Some lucky people are living in the community but most Autistic adults are still living in institutions and and suffer from society’s lowest expectations. Are we willing to continue to let our young people inherit these low expectations and institutional outcomes?



ASAN AUNZ is the peak self-advocacy body run by Autistic people for Autistic people.  We are committed upholding the dignity and rights of Autistic citizens through systemic advocacy and action.



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