Media Release – Support Victims of Abuse 

Once again we are outraged to hear of a child secluded on a regular basis within the the very setting that is supposed to nurture him  – A Queensland Primary School. This is a failure that is now undeniably a systemic issue. State and private run education facilities across Australia are failing to support Autistic Children and young people. This failure leads to damaged lives. Autistic Adults who have experienced seclusion and restraint during both their childhoods and adulthoods tell us of the traumatising effects of these practices and the ongoing disablement they experience because of this trauma. These ongoing effects include being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other anxiety disorders such as claustrophobia. For those adults who communicate alternatively it is their behaviour that tells us the story of ongoing mistreatment.

Not only must we overhaul the system of supports in schools and other educational systems, we must also call for victim support. Victims of such abusive practices should have access to ongoing support in order to deal with the trauma. States and private institutions must compensate their victims fairly and be forthcoming with offers of support. Victims and their families should not have to pursue civil action for this compensation. Previous calls for criminal charges to be laid where the law has been broken go hand in hand with this call for victim support.

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