The Autistic Self Advocacy Network of Australia and New Zealand is saddened, shocked and dismayed at the news that ASPECT has used a locked box to restrain Autistic people. ASPECT claims to be Australia’s largest service provider for Autistic people. ASAN AUNZ Chair Katharine Annear says “this compounds our concern that these practices could be insidiously wide spread within its sites across several states.”

Evidence from enquiries into abuse across the nation demonstrate that abuse of Autistics in the form of restraint and seclusion is common place. Katharine Annear says “This is unacceptable and in response we can only call for criminal charges to be considered in each case as no other deterrent seems to be effective.”

We applaud the individual whistleblowers who act to expose this abuse. These people activate their own moral compass in the face of restrictive and punitive bureaucracy and the very real threat of losing their jobs.

The protection of Autistic people is everybody’s business and closed doors need to be flung open in the face of oppression.

The peak body for Autistic Self Advocacy, ASAN AUNZ is an Autistic led membership based organisation with members across Australia and New Zealand.