For immediate release – Friday 13 November, 2015

Following recent reports of violence against Autistic people, two national Autistic advocacy groups spoke out together today to demand that the human rights of autistic people are upheld in Australia.

Katharine Annear, chair of ASAN-AUNZ, states “The bottom line is Autistic rights are human rights and society is failing Autistic people. Fear and stigma around autism creates a culture where human rights abuses are overlooked and excused.”

Autistic Family Collective (AFC) highlights that cases of child abuse and neglect involving disabled children are widespread across Australia, and too often, the disability of the child is used as a mitigating factor in legal investigations and media reporting.

Cas Faulds, co-convenor of AFC, adds “cases of abuse must be investigated fully, and child abuse should never be excused because a child is Autistic.”

Katharine Annear says “People who commit crimes against Autistic people should be dealt with appropriately.”

ASAN-AUNZ and AFC support calls by the Cross Disability Alliance for a Royal Commission into violence, abuse and neglect, tighter laws and an independent watchdog to protect people with disability.

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