In the original edit of this news report into the handing down of the ACT’s report into its behavioural practices the ABC did little but present a system under siege by violent children. This is irresponsible and inaccurate reporting.  

The report SCHOOLS FOR ALL CHILDREN & YOUNG PEOPLE: REPORT OF THE EXPERT PANEL ON STUDENTS WITH COMPLEX NEEDS AND CHALLENGING BEHAVIOUR clearly points to the failure of the system and makes 50 recommendations for improvement to which the ACT Government has responded with funding.

To place the blame with children adds to the ongoing stigmatisation of children with disability. Media outlets need to adhere to stricter guidelines when reporting about disabled people who are a vulnerable and marginalised group.

Katharine Annear ASAN AUNZ Chair says she is now tired of the blame, the stigma and fear. “These children are children first and foremost – the system has failed them and this has been acknowledged – there are 50 recommendations for change to the system – lets start keeping children safe and begin to build environments free from harm for everyone”


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