Once again Autism Awareness Australia is lighting it up blue at the Sydney Opera House. Not only that but to add insult to injury they are charging $2500 a table for an event. This money will go to funding more of this…

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 1.22.04 pm

Event Expenses: $35,964  – which we assume went to lighting the Opera House blue and perhaps “healing” people through surfing as promoted on their website.

Wages and Salaries: $88,362 – a lot of money to run 35k worth of ‘events’

Travel: $65,070 – we can’t imagine how anyone can justify 65k worth of travel out of this budget to ‘raise awareness’

and another 40k on administering all of this.

Taking into consideration event management costs we conclude that less than 10% of monies expended by Autism Awareness Australia even had a chance of directly benefiting Autistic people. And we’re pretty sure that the 2015 profit with go a long way to paying for Shine at the House.

But what about the work that the CEO is paid to do? Yes, multiple appearances on television telling her own, her son’s or her family’s story, promoting the idea of a national crisis in autism and promoting ABA as the answer to this crisis whilst running a national ABA company Lizard Centres.

We won’t and can’t stand by whilst this is done in our name and encourage you to join us in letting Autism Awareness Australia know that their campaigns are #NotInOurName