ASAN AUNZ joins the call for a Royal Commission into the abuse of disabled people. After yet another harrowing report on Four Corners the disability community and in particular Disabled People’s Organisations are insistent that the Federal Government address the need for a Royal Commission. The Government’s response to the Senate Inquiry into  the violence, abuse and neglect against people with disability in institutional and residential settings is to set up a watch dog.

What about the redress, the justice for those who have suffered decades of abuse, have died in care or have be irreconcilably damaged by those paid to care for them.

Key facts from DPO Australia:

  • people with disability experience far higher rates of violence than the rest of the community;
  • 90% of women with intellectual disability have been sexually assaulted in their lives, and 60% before the age of 18;
  • children with disability are three times more likely to experience abuse than other children
  • in many cases, people with disability experience violence in places where they are meant to be receiving support;
  • people with disability can’t always rely on the police for protection against violence;
  • people with disability are often treated as ‘unreliable witnesses’, or are not even permitted by law to provide testimony at all.