The Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) is outraged that without notice or announcement from the NDIS the criteria for funding supports for autistic people have become more stringent.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Level 2, a lifelong condition with significant communication and daily living impairments, will no longer be funded under the List A (likely acceptance) disability requirements.

Level 2 Autism Spectrum Disorder is re-listed as a List B condition. List B conditions need more stringent assessments, reducing the likelihood of supports for many who were previously eligible for List A.

The NDIS has not consulted with key stakeholders and is in contravention of its own principle that functioning, not diagnosis must form the criteria for disability support funding.

The NDIS action of reducing eligibility for funding comes less than a week after Scott Morrison’s announcement that Treasury holds enough money to fund the NDIS without raising the Medicare levy.

“Its not just the changing of the goalposts for entry in to the scheme that have outraged us – it is the level of secrecy from the NDIA – this change was only stumbled upon by a participant trying to access the scheme for her daughter.”

Says Katharine Annear Austistic Self Advocacy Network Chairperson.

The Government and its employees and actuaries are clearly in cost cutting mode and fail to understand the functional impact of autism and furthermore completely miss the point when it comes to supporting people to become part of the community and the economy. As the original Productivity Report clearly indicated – there will be costs to the community as a whole if we fail to support people with disabilities to live full lives.

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