Good morning and welcome to my final report as Chair of this organisation.

This year we have continued our relationship with the CRC and supported them in delivering the future leaders program by providing direct expertise.

We have been an active member of the Australian Autism Alliance and our representative Geraldine has represented the views of autistic people within the Alliance.

We have continued to talk to staff from the NDIA and have remained on their panel regarding their LGBTIQA strategy. We have an announcement to make regarding the NDIA in the near future.

We have liaised with Senator Jordan Steele John regarding issues of access to the NDIS.

We have also been working with ASPECT to negotiate a relationship regarding improving their overall autistic involvement and disability access and inclusion.

We held a position on the advisory committee for the review of diagnostic standards in Australia which has resulted in the preparation of the new diagnostic guideline. We also continue to hold a position on the CRC autism bio bank access committee. Thank you Jacky Den Houting for undertaking these roles.

We responded in the media to statements by Pauline Hanson, Don Burke and myriad of issues to do with accessing the NDIS. This includes coverage in the Australian newspaper the Age, Sydney morning Herald, ABC radio National and local ABC and the Guardian.

We also had a resignation from Emma Goodall who was treasurer and have co-opted Lee and Koesters as a new board member and treasurer and she will serve the remainder of Emmas term.

Our board members have continued important work in their own regions including being on other boards and working with in their respective industries to increase the capacity for autistic Inclusion.

Finally for me I have to say it is been a challenge and pleasure to be inaugural chair of ASAN Australia New Zealand but in accordance with the Constitution I have served six years and must stand down from the board. I’m sure the new board will do an exceptional job and I will be around mentoring new board members and as I member of ASAN AUNZ I will continue to represent the organisation on a few projects.

I would especially like to thank Geraldine Robertson and Tony Langdon who are co-conspirators in this long journey of advocacy since our early days on Internet relay chat IRC.

Katharine Annear