The announcement of the ‘Employment Task Force’ by Minister’s Henderson and Fletcher is nothing short of a disgrace. Why? Because the task force is made up of NDIA and DSS employees; without people with disability at its core. This seems to be par for course for the LNP government though as it continues to build on its tradition of things like a male Minister for Women and an non-indigenous special envoy for indigenous affairs (yes we see the irony).

NOTHING ABOUT US WITHOUT US – that is the Disability Rights slogan. This government in its continual denial of the rights of people with disability to determine their own futures is quashing the rights agenda and falling back on the charity driven model – where large charities provide and determine employment outcomes for people with disability. Where it is acceptable to be paid as little as $86 a week or 12.5% of the award wage.

The government must not only consult with but involve people with disability in policy and decision making structures. It is not acceptable to form a task force or any other structure aiming to determine our futures without us.