Our Committee

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Chair: Katharine Annear is an Autistic woman – diagnosed with Asperger syndrome later in life. She lives in Adelaide, South Australia. Through her advocacy work Katharine is committed to establishing high quality dynamic and responsive systems for people with disability. She has held management and quality roles within disability services and has held and holds several key roles in not for profit organisations. She is Chair of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network of Australia and New Zealand.

Holding a Master of Disability Studies, Katharine works in the disability field and lectures part-time at Flinders University. She travels overseas regularly to foster and maintain links with the international disability community and gain knowledge on contemporary approaches to global disability issues.


Secretary: Geraldine Robertson is a parent, professional and has an ASD diagnosis herself. At present, her main and all consuming interest is advocating for herself in a Workers Compensation dispute. Geraldine has supported autistic students from Early Learning to University level in matters such as life transitions, workplace support, work experience, IEP meetings, growth coaching, social skills development and daily living skills. Geraldine also has an interest in Mindfulness meditation as a means of overcoming fears and managing anxiety and depression. Geraldine is preparing to launch her own advocacy business and is interested in sharing expertise with Autistics in return for performance feedback. She can be contacted via autittas@gmail.com for further information.




Treasurer Emma Goodall, 42, is an autistic spectrum advocate from New Zealand, who has just moved to Adelaide, South Australia. With a PhD in teaching students on the autistic spectrum, Emma uses her lived experience of Aspergers and many years experience of being a teacher to help educators understand how to facilitate positive education for autistic spectrum students. Emma is very proactive in the autism community, she has published her own book, presented at international conferences for the last four years, runs an autism consultancy in Adelaide and has her own website; http://healthypossibilities.net Emma is also a Board member of the Australian Society for Autism Research.



Jacky den Houting 

Jacky is a registered psychologist with unique experience in her field; she has spent five years as a prison psychologist with Queensland Corrective Services and is currently employed with the Queensland Police Service.

Jacky was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at 25 and has quickly established herself as a strong advocate for the autism community. Her advocacy interests include: mental health in the autism community; the unique profile of autistic girls and women; sexuality and gender identity in the autism community; and autism in the criminal justice system.

Jacky was a participant in the inaugural Future Leaders Program at the 2013 Asia Pacific Autism Conference. She is the autistic representative on the Autism CRC’s Biobank Access Committee. Jacky lives in Brisbane with her partner Leesa and their two “fur children”. She enjoys knitting and going to the cinema, and dislikes ironing and Dyson Airblade hand dryers.

In 2014, Jacky was awarded an Autism CRC scholarship to complete her PhD through the Autism Centre of Excellence at Griffith University.



Tony Langdon is a 45 year old autistic man from Bendigo, Victoria, diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome in 1992. He is one of the first autistic gay men to come out on the Internet back in the mid 1990s and started posting his experiences with gay autistic sexuality on the web in 1996. His original writings can be seen at http://firstgayaspie.com. Tony’s interest in self advocacy comes from a lifetime of finding his way in the world with few role models or guides. He is active in his local autism community and is working on being a mentor and advocate for autistics in his area, and has an interest in systemic advocacy. Tony is a volunteer firefighter with the Country Fire Authority and is a keen sportsman. Some of his other interests include Amateur Radio, computers, electronics and science fiction.