Self Advocacy


Why Self Advocacy?

Autistic adults receive little attention when it comes to the planning and delivery of services in Australia. So out of a need to have their needs met, adults with autism spectrum conditions must advocate for themselves in the hope that they will get the services they most desperately need.

Over the next ten years the diagnosed autistic adult population will grow by as much as three hundred percent in Australia alone. The services in place now fall drastically short of meeting the needs of adults and an enormous growth of the population without proactive planning for services would lead to a social crisis.

What is Self Advocacy?

Self Advocacy is about a proactive approach to both personal and systemic issues.

Self Advocacy is:

  • Knowing who you are and what your needs are
  • Knowing what you want and why you want it
  • Knowing what your legal entitlements are,
  • And speaking out about it!

By doing these things, the quality of life for people with autism can be vastly improved.

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