We would like to welcome our new Project Officer, Tammy McGowan, who will lead the production and delivery of our Self Advocacy resources and training.

Tammy (pron. she/her) is a late diagnosed autistic. Tammy lives in South Australia with her husband and 2 dogs.  Tammy has three adult children.

Tammy is an experienced Coordinator and Trainer with a fourteen-year history of working in the community services sector with a focus on disability advocacy, social inclusion, trauma informed and person-centered practice. 

Tammy has held roles including Service Options Coordinator, Therapeutic Services Consultant, Manager Alternative Care, Community Mentor Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Program Facilitator and Training Facilitator. 

Tammy is a recent graduate of the Autism CRC Sylvia Roger Academy Future Leaders program and the Autism CRC Sylvia Roger Academy Governance program. 

Tammy is a member of the Purple Orange Co-design Council and is the trauma informed expert for the Your Story Disability Legal Support Advisory Group.